How to choose the shape of your swimming suit according to your morphology?

Comment choisir la forme de son maillot de natation selon sa morphologie ?

Swimming doesn't have to stop you from being feminine. To do this, choose a model of swimming swimsuit for women that will enhance your silhouette. Morphology in A, in O, in H, in V, in 8 or in X: discover our advice for choose a shape of swimsuit according to your morphology


Morphology in A: reveal your upper body

If you have narrow shoulders and your curves widen down your body, you have a so-called body type. in "A", or in pyramid. Your choice of pool swimsuit will have to turn to a model that will highlight your shoulders and chest, to make you forget your hips a bit.

One 1 piece swimsuit will have the advantage of widening your upper body and thus harmonizing your silhouette. Opt for a V neckline not too plunging, or a pretty one strap swimsuit to draw the eye to your upper body. 

If you prefer the Swimsuit 2 pieces, choose low-cut, low-cut panties.

the POOL COLUMN where the BRUAY will be perfect for your morphology.


O morphology: highlight your generous curves

Do your shoulders and hips have the same width, do you have a little belly and a generous chest? You have a round morphology, called "O". Your goal will be to choose a swimsuit that will redefine your shapes. One one-piece bathing suit will be perfect for sculpt your silhouette and reveal the strengths of your shapes. 

For a 2-piece swimsuit, opt for a bra with wide straps to ensure good support, and high waisted wrap panties which will emphasize the curve of your hips.

The one-piece swimsuit BONDI or panties DANNY will know how to highlight you. 

Whichever model you choose, focus on your neckline, with a pretty V-cut, and avoid models with little support.


Your silhouette is in H: redraw your size

The rectangular morphologies, called "H", are characterized by a perfectly aligned torso, waist and pelvis. For a more feminine silhouette, you will have to turn to a 2 piece pool swimsuit. The bra with a V neckline will break the verticality of your shapes and reveal your neck. A high-waisted or belted panties will highlight your waist by refining it, and will reshape your flat stomach.

For a 1-piece swimsuit model, avoid square cutouts, which will not contrast enough with your silhouette, and play on the thin straps and the scoop neckline.

Our one piece swimsuits H2O Where THE CIRCLE will give you a feminine silhouette.



V-shaped morphology: enhance your legs

The morphologies in inverted pyramid, or "V" give a more masculine style to women. Are your shoulders broad and your hips very slim? Avoid one-piece swimsuits, which will further accentuate the volume of your shoulders.

Unless you have a little belly to hide, the Swimsuit 2 pieces is most suitable for women with an inverted pyramid silhouette. One triangle neckline bra, or very classic won't draw too much attention to your upper body, especially if you choose a high-cut bikini bottoms, which will give volume to your hips and shape your legs.

We recommend panties WARENDER.


Figure 8: play with your shapes

Your waist is slim and well defined, and your shoulders and hips are rounded? You have the harmonious lines of "8" morphologies. If you are looking for swimming pool swimsuits to practice swimming, all models, or almost, will suit you. Your body is well proportioned, so choose a swimsuit that will highlight the small details that bother you.

Are your legs too short? Opt for a high-cut bikini bottoms, and avoid enveloping panties that will flatten your silhouette. If you have a generous chest, highlight it with a pretty neckline, but make sure you have good support to swim quietly.

 the BONDI where the POOL COLUMN will highlight your curves. 



Morphology in X: treat yourself

If your shoulders and pelvis are aligned, your waist is marked and your silhouette is slender, you certainly have a hourglass or "X" shape. Give thanks to Mother Nature, as these shapes are considered "perfect" by many women. With such a morphology, you can afford everything and play on original models or dynamic colors and patterns. 

1-piece or 2-piece swimsuit, treat yourself while thinking about the good support, for easy movement while swimming.

Turn to the ROUBAIX RED where the VILLA CAVROIS FLOWER for bold colors. 





 Have you determined your body type? You now have all the keys in hand to enhance your silhouette with a pool swimsuit adapted to your shapes


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