LISTENING ÉLODIE CLOUVEL talk about her journey, how she sees in what she calls “her work”, swimming, fighting, moving forward, an artistic performance, made me think of what Hélène, the creator of the Chlore swimsuits told me about his project.

Swimming is about achieving the perfect gesture, the flow that gives the impression to spectators that you are moving forward effortlessly, achieving an elegant fluid line, the body and the water become one, you also need the swimsuit that accompanies this movement. A swimsuit that covers you, gives you the feeling of being carried, of crossing and touching the water, of reaching this miraculous moment, in the line of a pool, nothing stops you, your body, the water , your swimsuit, your soul are united, for this every detail must be perfect, the hand pointing, the arm forward, the buttocks up, the right material, the right cut blend into the whole, essential, almost invisible , don't disagree, we end up seeing it, this jersey is really very beautiful. »