Collection: ONE-PIECE

1 piece swimsuit

Looking for a women's 1 piece swimsuit ? The Chlore Swimwear collection presents many elegant and refined models. Our 1-piece swimsuits accompany the high-level swimmer. They are also worn on the beach for moments of relaxation. Enhance your silhouette with the colors and shapes of Chlore Swimwear one-piece swimsuits.

Our collection of one-piece swimsuits

Discover our high end one piece swimsuits. Our models are aimed at all swimmers. For leisure or for high-level swimming, find your ideal swimsuit.

1-piece sports swimsuit for women

Le sports 1 piece swimsuit accompanies you to the swimming pool or during your nautical activities. Inspired by the practice of surfing, our wetsuit-style models ensure your freedom of movement. The sports 1 piece swimsuits are designed to be comfortable and perfectly adjusted to your figure. With a second skin effect, you focus only on your practice.

Women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit

Chlore Swimwear accompanies you to the pool for your swimming sessions. Our selection of 1 piece swimwear contributes to your performance. Free to move, you swim with grace and elegance. Our swimming pool swimsuits 1 piece allow you to remain elegant at the edges of the pools. Made from durable materials, our women swimwear perfectly resistant to chlorine. The colors do not fade after many swimming sessions.

1-piece shaping swimsuit

Le 1 piece shapewear swimsuit refines your silhouette. With a flat stomach effect, our collection erases all your complexes. the sculpting 1-piece swimsuit highlights your assets and refines your size. Soft materials and deep colors magnify your silhouette. the swimsuit covering 1 piece restores your self-confidence at the beach or pool.

Asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit for women

Forget the traditional suspenders if you want a model of modern women's swimsuit. Le asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit is original with its unique strap. The trendy cut goes perfectly with a solid color and an elegant pattern.

Our advice for choosing your one-piece swimsuit for women

The one-piece swimsuit for women is a must-have in your wardrobe. Stay stylish in the city and at the pool by choosing your 1 piece swimsuit among our models. Are you still hesitating? Find our selection of 2 piece swimsuits, alternative to the 1-piece swimsuit.

The cut of your one-piece swimsuit according to your practice

Le choice of 1 piece swimsuit depends on your usage. For swimming sessions, a swimsuit with crossed straps in the back guarantees your performance. For the beach or for lounging by the pool, dress in a sculpting swimsuit. Chlore Swimwear offers you, in one-piece swimsuits:

  • an asymmetrical cut with a single strap;
  • a swimsuit with straps crossed at the back for intensive swimming;
  • a minimalist cut with a sober design;
  • wide straps and a zipper for a surfwear effect.

Color and pattern of your women's one-piece swimsuit

The collection of 1 piece swimsuits Chlorine Swimwear stands out for the sobriety of its design. Choose the color of your swimsuit from the many colors available. Black, all in sobriety, rubs shoulders with passionate red and elegant white. Match your personality to the color of your swimsuit.

Chlore Swimwear, one-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers

Le 1 piece swimsuit drawn by the marque Chlore Swimwear plays the trendy fashion card. The modern swimmer treats herself to a quality swimsuit with a remarkable style.

A complete collection of one-piece swimsuits

The one piece swimsuit collection by Chlore Swimwear sublimates women and swimmers. Whatever your activity and the intensity of your swimming, there is a 1-piece swimsuit made for you among our models. Our line of one-piece swimsuits serves both feminine elegance and athletic performance.

Quality one-piece swimsuits at the service of your silhouette

Us 1 piece swimsuits are made with materials with unique performance. Resistant to chlorine, the colors of our women's swimwear do not fade over time. The swimsuits remain flexible for a support that is always comfortable.