How to work your abs in swimming?

Comment travailler ses abdos en natation ?


The swimming is a very complete sport, excellent for health. Depending on the exercises and strokes, it allows you to strengthen all parts of the body, thanks to the resistance of the water and various movements. The best swim for abs is the butterfly. This very technical stroke can however be replaced by the crawl, or the breaststroke casting, also very effective on the abdominal strap. It is recommended to complete the lengths with cladding exercises and the use ofaccessories. Take the plunge and discover how to work your abs in the pool.

Effective swimming strokes to work the abdominals

Better than bodybuilding, a swim training allows you to build muscle without risking injury. For strengthen your abdominal muscles, put on your most beautiful swimming swimsuit, and practice good strokes.


The benefits of butterfly movements

In terms of physical exercise, butterfly stroke stands out as a sport that calls on all the muscles, and particularly the abs. The undulations of the body, from the shoulders to the feet, make work the abdominal belt in depth. Ideal for firming your belly, and refining the hips and waist, the butterfly will be your ally. However, this swim is intended for swimmers of good level, because it is very technical and requires endurance.

Front crawl and back crawl to work the obliques 

Nothing better than the movements of the body and arms, associated with kicking, to slim the waist and lose belly. For this, the front crawl and the back crawl will be the preferred strokes during each swim training. They will allow you to work your obliques, those external muscles of your abdominal belt that often accommodate small love handles. 

Strengthen the abs with the cast breaststroke

Like all strokes in general, the breaststroke casting is very effective for strengthen stomach muscles. Thanks to the movements of the arms and legs, it also allows you to work the shoulders, waist and buttocks. However, be careful not to overdo it, at the risk of tiring yourself out, especially in the hips and knees.

In general, all strokes are good for work the abs. Do not neglect any of these strokes is therefore part of the most frequent advice from top swimmers.

The recommended accessories to work the abdominals in depth

Swimming allows you to work the abdominals in depth, thanks to kicking and arm movements. If you encounter difficulties, or want to make the exercise more difficult, certain accessories can help you adopt the right position, or reinforce the resistance of the water.

  • The flippers : excellent for learning to swim the butterfly, they will help you stay upright and propel you out of the water to catch your breath. For the front crawl, the fins will resist water, requiring more strength in the legs and putting a lot of strain on the abs.
  • The plank : ideal for sheathing, this accessory allows you to keep your position and build your abs, while letting your upper body rest. Stuck between the legs, it will have the opposite effect, while still acting on your abs.
  • the pull-buoy : positioned between your legs, or between each foot, the pull-buoy prevents you from using your lower body. It's a great sheathing exercise, because it requires you to use all your muscles to stay straight and move forward with the movements of your arms alone.

Exercises to work the abs in the water without swimming

To complete your swim training, or doing sports in the water without necessarily swimming, several fitness exercises allow you to work your abs gently.
  • The flexions-extensions : Sit with your back to the edge of the pool, and put your elbows there. Bring your legs up to your chest, then relax them. Performing this movement in series works each abdominal girdle muscle.
  • The classic abdominals: raise your legs on the edge of the pool, and perform the classic movement of the abdominals. If this exercise seems easier than out of the water, it is nevertheless just as effective.
  • the sheathing : Leaning against the edge of the pool, lean on a starting block and raise your legs at a right angle. Hold this position for as long as possible to have nice abs.
The swimming pool is the ideal place to work all of your muscles. Aquagym, swimming, or simply swimming with friends solicit your whole body. So, to build your abs, are you more into swimming, or fitness exercise?


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