Maillot de bain gainant : comment bien le choisir ?

Shaping swimsuit: how to choose it well?

Did you know that a swimsuit sublimates your silhouette while hiding the small flaws of your morphology? Shaping swimsuits have a slimming power by providing a flat stomach effect. But how to choose a model of swimsuit adapted to its forms? Find our tips for Choose a sheathing swimsuit and erase your complexes on the beach or at the swimming pool.

What is a shaping swimsuit?

Le shaping swimsuit consists of a thick fabric at the level of the belly. This lining provides perfect support and erases a small round belly. This swimsuit refines your silhouette in a very natural way. By hiding your flaws, the flat stomach shaping swimsuit highlights the assets of your morphology.


Choose your sheathing swimsuit according to your morphology

For choose well her sheathing swimsuit, it must correspond to your morphology. Otherwise, its effect has no effect on your body. Each silhouette of woman has its own swimsuit.

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O-shaped morphology: wide hips and large chest

The women whose silhouette is O-shaped show off their breasts. The cut of the one-piece swimsuit has a V neckline and provides good bust support. If you opt for a 2-piece swimsuit, choose a culotte booty about. For the top, bet on the ruffles, the draped effects to sublimate your chest. The support of your chest is ensured by models with underwire and adjustable straps.

A-shaped morphology: thin shoulders and strong hips

The woman at the A-shaped silhouette highlights your upper body. As for the O woman, choose a one-piece swimsuit with a nice neckline. With a 2-piece swimsuit, bet on hauts push-up or a strapless headband. For a slimming trompe-l'oeil effect, opt for a high cut panties. With it, your hips turn out to be narrower.

H morphology: shoulders and hips of the same width

The ideal swimsuit for a H-shaped silhouette is a swimsuit that slims your waist. Opt for a high triangle and ruffled panties or original cutouts with thin straps. For a sheathing one-piece swimsuit, the ideal is to choose a model whose fabric is transparent at the waist.

Shaping swimsuit: 1 piece or 2 pieces?

Shaping swimsuits come in different models.

1-piece shaping swimsuit: style and comfort

Le 1 piece shapewear swimsuit is recommended for your swimming sessions in the pool. Practical and comfortable, it offers perfect support and a flat stomach effect. You have the choice of cuts and colors to swim in the best conditions.


2-piece swimsuit: the slimming bikini

Unlike the bikini with the low-rise panties, 2 piece swimsuit has a slimming effect. Her high waist panties sculpts both the belly and the waist. The tops of these swimsuits are chosen according to your morphology.

Tankini swimsuit: to shape the chest

The tankini swimsuit is a 2 piece model. The top, on the other hand, is more covering. It helps shape the chest while hiding the stomach and hips.

What colors and patterns to choose for your shaping swimsuit?

If the sculpting effect is obtained thanks to the material of the swimsuit, the colors help to hide the flaws of your figure. Opt for dark and elegant colors, such as black, deep blue or burgundy. For the patterns, avoid stripes or overly imposing designs. Choose more sober and trendy patterns.

Good choose your shaping swimsuit is essential to feel good at the water's edge. Responding to fashion criteria, sheathing swimsuits bring you a wide choice, both in cuts, colors and styles.


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