Our Story, Our Codes and Our Values.


Inspired by the architecture of swimming pools, Chlore offers a line of swimsuits made from unique performance materials. 

Minimalist, sleek, graphic lines, sublime backs, a chic, athletic logo, immerse yourself in the sporty-chic world of Chlore.


When crawling, the shoulder comes forward, the arm is extended as far as possible and the hand is released.

The principle is to put aside all strength, when action is useless, the arm is in the air, it doesn't allow you to move forward, it is at rest, it takes strength so to act when it is in the water, it then propels the body - I learn to let go.
And one day I feel it. I'm no longer afraid. Swimming teaches me about insecurity.



For the past 5 years, the Chlore brand has been making a name for itself at the side of the pools with its sporty swimsuits featuring athletic circles.

Chlore makes you want to swim with stylish swimsuits that are the ideal dressing room for all swimmers.

Whatever the reason, Chlore provides a collection of chic swimsuits made from the finest Italian materials, as well as an exclusive wardrobe of "active swimwear".


Our signature fabric, two-tone double-layered polyamide and lycra extra life, an ECONSENSITIVE label fabric from Eurojersey. This fabric benefits from one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes available.

The technical features of this fabric are body shaping but with comfort, UV50 sun protection and chlore resistance. It is anti-pilling, easy to clean and has a moisturizing system which prevents water from remaining on the skin, preventing dehydration.

Chlore also offers an eco-responsible line made of recycled polyester, which you'll find in the INTENSIVE  line.
As polyester is the most chlore resistant material, we've developed a double-layered version of this quality to reflect our style and codes in an even more resistant version. Aquabikers and aquafitness enthusiasts will love it.

Chlore also pays tribute to the French manufacturer Payen with the use of its compressive, ultra-resistant fabric used in the manufacture of racing suits: the BODY jacket


One of the brand's strengths is the use of a unique and subtle color palette borrowed from the world of fashion. The double-layered, bonded material used offers a lining in a contrasting color..
A wide range of blues (Pool, Swim, Sky, Bleu Piscine, Ultra Blue): azure, denim, violet, royal or sky.

A sporty, powerful red.

Black, a mix of fashion and sports.

Jade, emerald and English greens.

With colors never before seen in the world of swimming, each new collection reinforces the brand's aquatic color palette.


Chlore is also a pool collection made with 100% French premium quality. This complete wardrobe, called Active Swimwear, focuses on practicality, comfort and elegance. It accompanies swimmers before, during and after their workout.

Bath sheets are recycled into bathrobes, ponchos, hoodies, shorts, pants, sarong skirts, hoods and hats, all featuring the brand's tone-on-tone jacquard logo. These garments are so beautiful and comfortable that they can be worn in the city, at home or at the beach…
All complemented by accessories such as the oversized neoprene bag and the essential logo cap. Make a statement in the swimming lanes.


Inspired by the architecture of swimming pools, Chlore has created swimsuits named after mythical pools that focus on swimming.

Backs liberated by athletic necklines: Max, Van Eyck, Bruay.

Narrow shoulder lines for freedom of movement: Tony, Villa Cavrois.

Low cutouts for elegance in action: Tourcoing Les Bains, Danny or higher cuts for intensive swimmers: Warender.

Contrast side cutouts define the silhouette and subtly accentuate bust volume: Max, Racing Club.

Double crossed straps for support, whether thin or wide: Roubaix La Piscine, Le Cercle des Nageurs, Tourcoing Les Bains.Swimming armholes: Bondi.
A chic, athletic logo that hugs the body: Tony, or sometimes subtly printed tone-on-tone: Josephine Baker.
Stylish details and ultra-polished finishes: Bruay, Keller.

A blue, white and red recycled polyamide jersey for a French touch: H20.

Double-needle finishes for a couture spirit: Villa Cavrois, Van Eyck, Lloyd. 

Minimalist, uncluttered, structured, with a strong logo, the Chlore style combines sport with the spirit of French couture.
Minimalist, refined, structured, with a strong logo, the Chlore style combines sport with a French “ esprit couture”.

Created 5 years ago, the Chlore brand immediately adopted a responsible approach, reducing the environmental impact of its creations.

By limiting the impact of production, choosing ethical manufacturing from near-imports and Made in France, banning the use of air transport and plastic packaging.

By choosing premium materials that are Oekotex certified.

By not putting pressure on our partners so they can  produce quality products made with ethical and humane conditions.

By taking responsibility for the product throughout its life, with jerseys designed to last, both in terms of style (timeless) and resistance to time and wear.

By encouraging the practice of swimming, one of the most complete health and feel-good sports.

By continually looking at what can be done and what needs to be done to improve all of these commitments.

Transparent and passionnate (all the time).

Histoire d'Eau


At the beginning, there were two friends, Hélène Boulanger and Franck Laureys, with a shared passion for swimming and surpassing oneself. She's a designer and has already launched a line of women's clothing. She's also interested in launching a swimwear project dedicated to pool lovers. He has been a crawler for a long time and would like to apply his marketing know-how to a more personal project that is in harmony with his passion. It was out of this shared desire that Chlore was born.

At first it was a nod to the red eyes after a swim found in the splitting of the O in the logo, and to the distinctive smell of swimming pools, The name quickly became synonymous with hyper-architected, technical, elegant swimwear collections combining technology and expertise since 2015. Éric Beckman, a long-time friend, is entrusted with the image and art direction, and he joins the adventure by signing the logo and the photo and video campaigns that have accompanied Chlore since its beginnings. This first issue of Chlore magazine is the result of this collaboration with Élodie Clouvel, exceptional ambassador and pride of the brand, which we hope will seduce you and make you want to swim even more ! Nulla Dies Sine Lina. THE CHLORE TEAM.