How to choose your swimsuit for aquagym?

Comment choisir son maillot de bain pour l'aquagym ?

To practice water aerobics, you need a good swimsuit. Your body is always in motion in the pool, your swimsuit should not fail you. An essential sports accessory for practicing aquagym, your swimsuit must be chosen with care. Perfect support for the chest, freedom of movement and comfort are essential selection criteria. Follow our advice and choose the best swimsuit for water aerobics adapted to your figure.

Bust support: essential for the aquagym swimsuit

The swimsuit for aquagym differs from a model for swimming at the level of the breast support. To avoid the discomfort of bouncing, the swimsuit has integrated bras. For large breasts, choose a swimsuit with adjustable straps. For optimal support, choose a swimsuit model with straps that cross at the back.

Swimsuit for aquagym: comfort above all

All the women swimwear are not suitable for the practice of aquagym. On the other hand, a swimsuit for aquagym accompanies you during your aquabike or aquafitness lessons. Choose a comfortable swimsuit. The model must also allow you good freedom of movement while remaining supported on your body. Opt for a swimsuit adapted to your figure and size.

Sheathing effect swimsuit: to refine the silhouette

For aquagym, you can also choose a shaping swimsuit. This type of swimsuit sculpts your figure with its flat stomach effect. It gives you a more toned look and also provides excellent support. With its sheathing material, it is primarily intended for women wishing to erase some imperfections while remaining toned. The range of sheathing swimsuits gives you the choice. Choice of cut, choice of 1-piece or 2-piece model, color, the sheathing swimsuit is available in a sport version for aquagym.


The material of the swimsuit for aquagym

The material of your swimsuit for water aerobics is decisive. Chlorine is known to damage fabrics. The regular immersion of your swimsuit in the water of the swimming pool encourages you to choose a quality material. Polyamide and elastane are the most common materials in the swimwear range. For an intensive practice of aquagym, prefer polyester swimsuits.

Swimsuit for aquagym: 1 piece or 2 pieces?

For the practice of aquagym, we advise you to choose a 1 piece swimsuit. Easy to put on, it does not interfere with your sport. Forget the bikini-type 2-piece swimsuit and models with strings. You risk snagging them in full effort and losing the swimsuit in the water. If you prefer a 2-piece swimsuit, combine a shorty and a bra. The cut of these two elements is suitable for aquagym.

The style of the swimsuit for water aerobics:

Aquagym swimsuits are similar to sportswear. You can choose the sobriety of a black swimsuit. Dare to use colors to add a bit of dynamism and good humor to your aquagym lesson. On the other hand, swimsuits that are too elegant, with a plunging neckline or with ruffles, are not suitable for an aquagym session.

Caring for your aquagym or swimming swimsuit

For maintain good elasticity of your aquagym swimsuit, its maintenance is essential. After your lesson, rinse your swimsuit with clear water to remove the chlorine from the pool. Then let it dry in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Don't put your water aerobics, or even swimming, swimsuit in your washing machine. Detergents and wringing are the enemies of your swimsuits.

And swimsuit for water aerobics contributes to the success of your course. Well adjusted to your size and your figure, it allows you to concentrate fully on your session.


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