Collection: Pool Swimsuit

To feel free in the water, you are looking for a swimming pool swimsuit comfortable. However, you do not want to overlook its design. Chlore Swimwear has developed for you a complete collection of swimsuits that are as aesthetic as they are practical. Designed in a resistant material, our swimwear for men or women will accompany you durably in the practice of your favorite sport.

Our collection of swimming pool swimsuits

Whether for training, for a competition or for fun, your pool swimsuit is an essential product to be comfortable when swimming. At Chlore Swimwear, our style office has imagined swimwear for men and women looking for the highest quality. Immerse yourself in our prestigious universe!

Our collection of Chlore Swimwear one-piece swimsuits for women

Women will be able to find their happiness by exploring our collection of one-piece swimsuits. The shapes and colors of 1 piece pool swimsuit have been carefully studied to offer you comfortable and elegant products:

  • Bruay: this asymmetrical swimsuit 1 piece, available in 3 colors, provides great freedom of movement in the water.
  • Molitor : This one-piece pool swimsuit, in the spirit of a surf suit, has been designed to bring out the shoulders of swimmers thanks to its high-cut straps.
  • Max : it is a swimsuit covering 1 piece that provides excellent support.

Our stock of Chlore Swimwear 2-piece swimsuits for women

You prefer a 2 piece pool swimsuit ? Chlore Swimwear also offers several products to accompany you to the pool or the beach:

  • Josephine: this asymmetrical bra supports women's breasts with elegance.
  • Baker : To be combined with the bra, these low-waisted shorties are available in 3 colours.
  • Deauville : with these high-waisted shorties, you can enjoy a shaping swimsuit 2 rooms.

A pool swimsuit also available for men

Our collection also offers swimwear for men. Pool or beach, competition, training or leisure, our products combine refinement and comfort:

  • Jocelyn : this men swimming pool swimsuit plays on color contrasts, for a vintage look.
  • Ben : very understated, this men's swimsuit is distinguished by a subtle colored band on the side.

Choosing your pool swimsuit

At the pool or at the beach, men and women want to wear a swimsuit that shows them off. To make the right choice of swimsuit, follow our advice.

What color for your pool swimsuit?

Chlore Swimwear propose different colors in its collection of swimwear, for men or women. Black, blue, red, green, white, pink: choose your sports swimsuit according to your tastes. Black is a sober and timeless color, which will suit everyone. For a reminder of the water in the pool or the sea, you can opt for a blue swimsuit. Finally, the red will allow you a little touch of fantasy.

What size for your pool swimsuit?

After the style, it's time for the size! For real ease in your movements, your swimming swimsuit must fit your body. You can rely on the size of your clothes to choose your swimsuit size.

  • Women swimming swimsuit : available from size XS to size XL.
  • Men's swimming trunks: available from size S to size XL.

Chlore Swimwear, swimming pool swimsuits for demanding swimmers

Among all the swimwear brands, Chlore Swimwear has established itself with its unique signature. Our women's sports swimsuit or associated man performance and style, so that all swimmers practice their training in the best conditions.

Chlore Swimwear, innovative materials

Le swimming pool swimsuit women or Men's Chlore Swimwear is made from a very resistant double-sided material. Pool chlorine will not affect your swimwear. Our collection also uses environmentally friendly materials. Resistance and commitment: here is the winning combination for our swimsuits!

Chlore Swimwear, swimwear comparable to luxury clothing

Chlorine Swimwear is a sports swimwear brand who is committed to making men and women look stylish when they are in the water, at the beach or by the pool. Our swimsuits are designed like haute couture clothes and will find a place of choice in your wardrobe. For complete your swimsuit, our collection also includes terry clothes, swimming caps, bags and even bath sheets. All the accessories you need are available!