Swimming: choosing the right sports swimsuit

Natation : bien choisir son maillot de bain de sport

Do you practice swimming? Whether for leisure or at a high level, sport in the pool requires a good swimsuit. For choose your sports swimsuit, it is then necessary to take into account several criteria such as the jersey shape where the choice of material.

1 piece or 2 piece swimsuit?

Swimming requires a great freedom of movement. The bikini, offering little support, is therefore not recommended. Then comes the choice between a one-piece swimsuit, or a 2-piece swimsuit model. 

The 2-piece swimsuit offers a female silhouetteAnd. If you practice swimming at low level, this model will suit you. However, we advise you to opt for a non-wired bra and low neckline for maximum bust support. For the bottom, our advice will go towards a cover panties, which won't move on your hips while swimming.

the 1 piece swimsuit is rather recommended for regular swimmers. By covering your entire belly and back, this model of sports swimwear will promote performance.

Choose the shape of your sports swimsuit according to your practice

The sports swimsuit for swimming is most often covering. The bottom of the jersey is generally little indented which assures you that it will stay in place during the effort. As for the shape of the back, it will have a direct influence on your arm movements and therefore on your comfort. It is generally advisable to choose the shape of his sports swimsuit according to his swimming practice.

A one-piece training swimsuit for occasional swimmers

maillot de bain 1 pièce sport asymétrique

If you go to the swimming pool once a week or less, your sports swimsuit must above all be comfortable and provide good support. Two types of swimsuits are then suitable for your needs and your morphology.

  • the sports jersey with an X back : this model has the advantage of adapting to all morphologies. Its wide crossed straps ensure good bust support.
  • the swimsuit with a U-shaped back : this form of women's swimsuit is easy to put on and gives a beautiful silhouette.

An ideal sports swimsuit for regular or intensive swimmers

For swimmers who practice several times a week, or in competition, the choice of the shape of their sports swimsuit is essential.

  • the jersey with an O back : this model offers good support and very little resistance in the water.
  • the sports jersey with a Y-back : it provides very good support. This type of jersey is particularly recommended for women with large breasts.

These two models of sports swimsuits leave a great freedom of movement thanks to open shoulders. Breaststroke, crawl, freestyle or back crawl, you will be comfortable regardless of the type of swimming practiced.

Choose the material of your women's sports swimsuit

One hydrodynamic swimsuit must be made of a fabric that will reduce drag and facilitate acceleration through the water.

The traditional materials of sports swimsuits for women

Most swimsuits are made in a blend of polyamide and elastane. These materials provide elasticity, making the swimsuit comfortable and easy to put on. However, elastane resists very poorly to chlorine and deforms quickly.

In recent years, the sports swimsuit has evolved. It is now designed in polyester and polybutylene (PBT). Less elastic and longer to dry, the main advantage of this material is its high resistance to chlorine.

Sensitive® fabrics with high fiber content LYCRA® XTRA LIFE ™

Chlore Swimwear chose a revolutionary fabric for making its sports swimsuits. Sensitive® fabrics combine all the advantages of other materials:

  • fast drying ;
  • high resistance to chlorine;
  • breathability;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • extreme comfort.

Sensitive® fabric, with a high fiber content LYCRA® XTRA LIFE ™ is a patented textile. It follows the shape of the body and ensures a curved silhouette, while guaranteeing very good performance for swimming.

Choose a quality sports swimsuit is essential for a good practice of swimming in the pool whatever your swimming level. At Chlore Swimwear we have chosen to combine performance and aesthetics to offer swimmers women sports jerseys, perfectly adapted to the practice of swimming.

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