La natation : votre meilleur allié contre la cellulite

Swimming: your best ally against cellulite

Cellulite is often hormonal, but also hereditary. If it has nothing to do with weight, cellulite concerns no less than 9 women out of 10. To overcome it, sport and rebalancing the diet are strongly recommended. Swimming is then imposed as a perfect activity to reduce the orange peel effect. Water pressure, cardio work and muscular endurance are real assets for refine its silhouette and reduce cellulite.

Swimming: a complete sport to fight against cellulite

Swimming is undeniably the perfect sport for eliminate cellulite. By combining both the benefits of water and the advantages of a cardio activity, the swimming practice in the pool will be your best ally to find a refined silhouette. Put on a swimming pool swimsuit covering with good support, and take the plunge!


The benefits of water on the orange peel effect

The benefits of water for health and for the body no longer need to be proven. The pressure of the water on the different parts of the body allows the decrease in water retention, and theimproved blood circulation. Combined, these two actions act against dimples and reduce the impression of orange peel skin so dreaded by all women. If the hydromassage sessions are proven, the most effective remains the practice of a sport, in order to combine the benefits of water with physical exercise.

Swimming to remove cellulite

Cellulite comes from the storage of fat, water and toxins under the skin, and from poor lymphatic circulation. To overcome it, you have to exercise, and review your diet. Swimming stands out as theone of the most effective sports to fight against cellulite, because cardio helps your body to have good blood and lymphatic circulation, and to eliminate toxins.

This sport also has the advantage of reduce the risk of injury, because the resistance of the water reduces the impact of your every movement.

Get rid of cellulite with the different strokes

Cellulite often lodges on the thighs, buttocks, stomach, or even the arms. To overcome it, you can target the exercise zones by choosing the right stroke.

The breaststroke to attack cellulite

To eliminate cellulite, there is no need to try to lose weight. The main thing is to build muscle, and squeeze out fat from your body. The breaststroke allows to work both upper and lower body. If you have dimples all over the place, this swim is for you. It will act on your belly, your arms, your thighs and your buttocks, and will develop the muscles of all these areas. Easy to practice, you can do several sessions per week whatever your level.

Front crawl and back crawl against belly cellulite

the front crawl and back crawl require a little more technique, but these are strokes that work the cardio and many muscles. A training session will allow you to mainly work the thighs, buttocks and hips, to offer you a more refined and sculpted silhouette and waist. Localized fats and toxins will decrease for a slimming effect on your legs and lower body.

Cellulite flies away with the butterfly stroke

The butterfly stroke is very demanding. It requires both endurance and very good technical skills. If it is very effective for build your back and abs, and thus eliminate the cellulite lodged on these parts of your body, you will quickly exhaust yourself and will not be able to do a long session in the pool.

The swimming accessories that will help you overcome your cellulite

Have you found the stroke that will eliminate all your cellulite? However, it is prudent to follow the advice of professionals and alternate strokes, in order to avoid injuries. For an effective result, it is advisable to do 2 to 3 training sessions per week, due to 30 to 45 minutes per session. To avoid weariness and accelerate the elimination of cellulite, you can use swimming accessories.

  • The flippers : during your swimming sessions, they will increase resistance in the water. The more muscular movements improve drainage and blood circulation, an ideal solution against heavy legs.
  • The plank : this accessory allows you to rest your upper body to target your exercises on your legs and glutes.
  • the pull-boy : positioned between the legs, at the level of the thighs, calves or ankles, it allows you to rest your lower body, to work your upper body.