Collection: 2-Piece Swimsuit Swimming

Let yourself be carried away in the graphic and luxurious universe of the swimwear brand Chlore Swimwear. Are you looking for a high quality women's swimsuit model, which combines comfort and design, for your sporting activity? For practice swimming in the best conditions, we have imagined two-piece swimsuits for you, technical and elegant at the same time.

Our collection of 2-piece swimsuits for women

Do you practice swimming? Whether in competition or for pleasure, you absolutely need a comfortable and efficient swimsuit to feel comfortable in the water during your training. At Chlore Swimwear, we offer you a women swimming swimsuit 2 luxury rooms to compose to measure.

Our asymmetrical bra for your 2-piece swimming swimsuit

Among our swimwear swimming Chlore Swimwear, the Joséphine model is one of our flagship products. This asymmetrical bra has a graphic style and the details of the cutout in the back give it great elegance. With its asymmetry, this sports bra for women frees up the shoulder, headband style. This piece is available in several colors: blue, black or burgundy.

Our high-waisted or low-waisted shorty for your 2-piece swimsuit bottoms

To complete your swimming swimsuit, le shorty Deauville is a must-have item. These high-waisted bikini bottoms provide complete support for your entire abdominal strap during your workout. Available in a low rise version with the baker model, our swimsuit bottoms are available in black, blue or burgundy. By purchasing each piece separately, you will create a 2-piece Chlore Swimwear swimsuit that perfectly meets your expectations.

Our advice for choosing your 2-piece swimming swimsuit

Your women's swimming swimsuit 2 pieces Available in different colors and in several sizes. To perform well during your workout, you need to choose the best swimsuit. We give you our opinion to help you make the right choice.

Everything you need to know about the sizes of our 2-piece swimsuits

Each piece of swimsuit (top or bottom) is available from size XS to size XL. To choose your swimsuit bottoms, you can rely on the usual size of your clothes. As for the swimsuit top, select the size according to your cup size and your chest measurement. A size XS, for example, will adapt to A cups while an XL size will be more dedicated to a D or E cup.

Information on our colors of 2-piece swimsuits in stock

Lataille du 1 piece or 2 piece swimsuit concerns the practical aspect but it is also necessary to be interested in the design. For the more sober, the black color is available and has tone-on-tone details. Are you looking for a touch of originality? Choose a blue or burgundy sports swimsuit. Also feel free to mix colors of your swimsuit by opting for example for a black piece for the top and a burgundy piece for the bottom.

Chlore Swimwear, 2-piece swimsuits for demanding swimmers!

Chlorine Swimwear is a French swimwear brand who imagined his products as haute couture clothes. All the details are taken care of, from the choice of materials to the shape of the jersey, including the color. True pieces of luxury, the Chlorine 2-piece swimsuits allow every woman to exercise and feel beautiful.

One-piece or two-piece swimsuits combining aesthetics and femininity

Alongside our iconic 2-piece sports swimsuit, also find our 1 piece swimming swimsuit. Chic, covering and graphic, this swimsuit is an essential in the locker room of sporty women who love swimming.

Pool swimsuits for every water sport

The 1 piece or 2 piece swimsuits for women Chlore Swimwear accompany you in all your sporting activities. Synchronized swimming swimsuit, competition swimsuit or equipment for swimming as a hobby, all our products will provide women with the greatest comfort in the water.

Pool clothing developed by Chlore Swimwear

In addition to our sports swimwear for women and men, we have also developed at Chlore Swimwear a range of clothing dedicated to the swimming pool or the beach. Discover our poncho, our zipped sweatshirt or our hoodie. Each piece is made of terry to be worn as soon as you get out of the water.

Caps, bags, belts, accessories to complete your 2-piece swimsuit Chlore Swimwear

Among our range of swimming products, we also offer bags, belts and bathing caps. All the essential accessories for the swimming pool are available. Neoprene bags are essential to always have on you what you need for your training: your glasses, your towel or your water bottle.
With your women 1 piece swimming swimsuit or 2 rooms, rediscover the joys of water and the pleasure of the swimming pool!