Collection: 2-Piece Shapewear Swimsuit

You are looking for a high-waisted 2-piece swimsuit to sculpt your figure? Discover our sheathing selection for women. The sculpting and slimming swimsuit designed by Chlore Swimwear combines style, comfort and technicality, with a flat stomach effect. At the heart of our swimwear line, the colors, materials and cuts of each piece are carefully studied to enhance you.

Our collection of shaping 2-piece swimsuits

Each piece of the flat stomach shaping swimsuit has been crafted to fit your curves and celebrate them. The strappy bra offers women a ideal support, much more important than a triangle or a headband. The chest is maintained, without underwiring, and the comfort is absolute, while sublimating your neckline. As for the panties, their high waist sheaths the belly and helps you feel good in your swimsuit.

The bra for the sheathing and sculpting 2-piece swimsuit top

You can buy every piece from our shaping swimsuit flat stomach effect separately. Online, you can therefore choose our asymmetric Joséphine bralette. Available in black, blue or burgundy, this designer piece features a cutout in the back. The non-wired bra provides support for your breasts as effective as a bra.

The bottoms of your sheathing and slimming 2-piece swimsuit

To sculpt your silhouette, we offer you among our selection the Deauville high-waisted shorty. Available in black, blue or burgundy, the sculpting brief rises above the navel for a flat stomach effect. These bikini bottoms are your perfect ally, at the beach or at the pool, if you are looking for a slimming product. Thanks to its color palette, it is a piece that will meet all your desires.

The sheathing swimsuit available in a one-piece version

On our online site, we also offer you among our selection the 1-piece shaping swimsuit, for optimal coverage and real support. in version asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit, it sculpts your silhouette and produces a slimming effect. Black, green, white, blue, red: a wide range of colors is available online for your one-piece swimsuit.

Our advice for choosing your shaping 2-piece swimsuit

Choose your well high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit is essential to enjoy the best sensations in the water. Which product is made for you among our selection? Here is the information you need to know to select the ideal 2-piece swimsuit.

The style of your flat-tummy-effect shaping 2-piece swimsuit

What is the ideal color for your sculpting 2-piece swimsuit ? The color is chosen according to your desires but also according to your complexion. Sober and cold colors, such as blue or black, are suitable for fair skin, while pale tones will have a duller effect. Bright tones (red, green, yellow, multicolored print, etc.) will be perfect for dark skin, as will white.

The size of your shaping and sculpting 2-piece swimsuit

Being comfortable in your 2-piece swimsuit also depends on your size. Your sheathing and sculpting swimsuit must be perfectly adapted to your figure:

  • Swimsuit top size: since it is a non-wired bra, you do not choose a cup as for a bra but a size between XS and XL.
  • Swimsuit bottom size: we offer you stockings from size XS to size XL.
By offering each piece (top and bottom) of the swimsuit separately, you can choose a different size for each product, so that it adapts perfectly to your figure.

Chlore Swimwear, sheathing 2-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

You who are passionate about swimming, you are looking for the best products to accompany you in your sports practice. It is precisely the promise of Chlore Swimwear : to offer you women's swimsuits with a unique style, which will give you the best sensations in the water.

A 2-piece swimsuit that flattens your stomach to enhance your silhouette

At the beach or at the pool, you like to feel good about yourself. It's also what Chlore Swimwear wants for every woman. So our swimwear line has been designed to enhance your silhouette, regardless of your size.

An innovative sheathing 2-piece swimsuit that uses the finest materials

Each Chlore Swimwear piece uses innovative and high-performance materials, so that every woman can practice swimming in the greatest comfort. High resistance is associated: each swimsuit is a solid product, which lasts over time. Finally, the label Sensitivecosystem reflects our ecological commitment.

A sheathing sculpting 2-piece swimsuit for women that will satisfy your desires

The luxury swimwear brand Chlore Swimwear was born from a real ambition: that performance and elegance come together in the pool. Each piece of swimsuit is thus the result of great work on technique and style, for the well-being of every woman.