Collection: Women's 1 Piece Swimsuit

Are you looking for a women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit for intensive swimming, recreational swimming or beach sports? You want a women's swimsuit that guarantees you femininity, comfort, freedom of movement and support. The collection of women's one-piece swimsuits has been designed with an innovative material that combines performance and elegance. It will meet your needs and highlight your curves.

Our collection of women's one-piece swimsuits

Each 1 piece swimming swimsuit created by Chlore Swimwear perfectly sculpts women's bodies. Your silhouette is sublimated even under water. The 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit provides good support and frees the movements of swimmers. Some parts are more suitable for intensive swimming. Other swimming swimsuits are more suitable for recreational swimming. However, don't put any limits on yourself, all women's swimming swimsuits are suitable for swimming in the pool and at sea. Zoom on the various products of the Chlore Swimwear collection.

A 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit for intensive swimming

The Chlore Swimwear collection offers several swimming swimsuits suitable for women who practice intensive swimming. They are available in the store.

  • Tourcoing women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit: Its double-sided material, its double-crossed elastic straps in the back and its integrated bra offer good support. Her cut frees your shoulders and ensures optimal comfort. This product is available in pool blue, swim blue, black and burgundy.
  • Saint Georges women's swimsuit: It is similar to the Tourcoing piece. Her touch of originality comes from its reversible side. The very sporty graphic branding brings tone to your look.
  • Tony 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit or Racing Club women's swimsuit: They highlight your athletic look and your sportsmanship.

A 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit for leisure swimming

Chlore Swimwear has thought of women who swim occasionally.

  • Villa Cavrois women's 1-piece swimsuit: Sa chic and minimalist line is perfect for beach sports.
  • Saint Georges swimming swimsuit: The Lake Squale version is suitable for recreational swimming.
  • Max women's 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit: Son covering side gives you a feeling of protection. Its use is ideal during your stays in the mountains.
  • Roubaix women's swimming swimsuit: Its wide straps crossed in the back and its low cut make you want to chain the lengths.
  • Molitor women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit: Sa zipper and its surf spirit gives you a sport style.
  • Bruay 1-piece swimsuit: Sound ultra-trendy asymmetry is very attractive. Sporty look guaranteed!

Our advice for choosing your women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit

Choosing your women's swimming swimsuit can seem complicated. Whether you opt for a women's one-piece swimming pool swimsuit or a 2-piece swimming swimsuit, the advice is always similar. In fact, it is necessary define the right size for a perfect fit and the ideal color for a chic style. For a totally sporty look, adding a few matching accessories to your women's one-piece swimsuit is a clever solution.

Choose your size and your favorite color for your women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit

Women's 1-piece swimsuits are available in several sizes (from XS to XL). To choose the right size, refer to the size of your clothes and the size guide in the store. Your 1-piece women's swimming swimsuit must fit snugly and feel like a second skin. As for the color of your swimsuit, you can opt for a sober style with black. However, for more fantasies, the products are available in other colors such as "pool" blue, "swim" blue, burgundy or green. Some women's swimming swimsuits are available with a printed version or athletic bands.

Add a few accessories for a chic and sporty style with your women's one-piece swimming swimsuit

So that you have a chic, trendy and sporty look during each competition, you can combine your swimming pool swimsuit women with some accessories. the neoprene swimming cap, available in the store, is revolutionary. It's easy to put on, won't distort your facial features, and gives off a moisturizing product. Its use is perfect to protect your hair. The soft, light and ultra-absorbent terry clothes allow you to dry quickly after your lengths. To have the full range, the neoprene and water resistant bag is one of the essential accessories to match with your women's 1-piece swimsuit.

CLORE SWIMWEAR, women's 1-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

The creators of the French swimwear brand, Chlore Swimwear, worked for many months to create a high-performance and chic collection. All the details have been carefully thought out. The material used has been the subject of particular attention. Indeed, women's swimming swimsuits must not harm the environment.

A 1-piece swimming costume for all women

Whatever your size, whatever your swimming practice, Chlore Swimwear offers a 1 piece pool swimsuit to unique style for every woman. This product sublimates your silhouette and gives you great sensations in the water. Each women's 1 piece swimming swimsuit is a real piece of luxury and fashion ! Despite everything, its price is affordable with free delivery from 90 € of purchase. You can add a few accessories to your basket to perfect your sporty and chic style.

An innovative and high-performance women's 1-piece swimsuit

The women's 1-piece swimming swimsuit is designed with innovative materials that meet the criteria of the "Sensitivecosystem" label. Thus, Chlore Swimwear shows its deep interest in ecology. However, the women's one-piece swimsuit offers a high comfort, high-performance support and chlorine resistance. The woman can practice her swimming activities with ease.