Collection: Full Coverage Swimsuit

Choose the swimsuit covering from the Chlore Swimwear collection, for an athletic style and absolute comfort in the water. This line is designed for women passionate about swimming, who want combining design and technical performance at the beach or at the pool.

Our collection of full-coverage swimsuits

The bikini, the triangle top swimsuit or the bandeau swimsuit are not products that can bring you the upkeep which you need. The swimwear brand Chlore Swimwear has imagined products to satisfy the personal desires of each woman. Thanks to the different pieces in our collection, you will find the ideal swimsuit to practice your favorite sport in optimal conditions.

Max, the covering one-piece swimsuit with contrasting details

Among our online collection, we offer you our 1-piece shaping swimsuit and covering Max. This product gives you great coverage thanks to its round neckline, wide straps and low-cut bottoms. Cutouts on the side will come refine your silhouette while adding a designer touch to this sports swimsuit. The built-in bra at the top, without underwiring, is ideal for supporting your chest.

A swimsuit available in several colors

Like all our swimwear, our Max model is available in several colors. Indeed, this swimsuit comes with different combinations:

  • Max swimsuit in black fabric plain + cutouts in blue fabric;
  • Max swimsuit in gray fabric plain + cutouts in blue fabric;
  • Max swimsuit in blue fabric plain + black fabric cutouts.

The 2-piece swimsuit covering

You prefer them 2 piece swimsuits ? Opt for our Deauville high-waisted shorty for maximum coverage, paired with our asymmetrical Joséphine bra. This high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit will elongate your silhouette and allow you to generously cover your lower body, all with a retro effect.

Advice and information for choosing your swimsuit covering 1 piece or 2 pieces

To feel comfortable in the water, by the pool or at the beach, you must choose the right swimsuit. What is the important information to know before ordering your product online?

Choosing the right size for your sport covering swimsuit

The size of your 1 piece swimsuit covering or 2-piece shaping swimsuit is important. The top of the jersey must be perfectly adjusted for a good maintaining your chest. As for the bottoms of the swimsuit, they must provide you with the necessary coverage and give you great freedom in your movements. Our entire collection of 1-piece or 2-piece swimsuits is available in size XS, size S, size M, size L or size XL.

Choose the color of your swimsuit covering 1 piece or 2 pieces for women

The size concerns the comfort of your swimsuit. But the design is also important for this product. As with clothes, choose a color that you will enjoy wearing. Our swimsuit covering in the 1-piece version, it is available with a plain black, blue or gray background and contrasting details. In 2 pieces, our jersey can be in burgundy red, black fabric or blue fabric.

Chlore Swimwear, full-coverage swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Sporting goods must fulfill a dual mission: they must combine technical aspect and aesthetic side. The Chlore Swimwear collection offers you a high quality service, at all levels. With our prestigious products, we have brought fashion into the world of swimming pools!

Sports swimsuits with a graphic design and elegant details

A common thread connects the different products in the Chlore collections: the graphic line and the retro spirit. Chlore Swimwear items are directly inspired by the most beautiful swimming pools and use innovative and high-performance materials. Details and colors are carefully chosen to create athletic, refined and refined swimsuits.

Clothing, hats, bags: complementary products in our collection

The Chlore Swimwear collection also includes before and after pool items, coordinated with the different swimsuits. Women can indeed find on the website a line of clothing in terrycloth (dress-effect bathrobe, poncho, sweatshirt, etc.), bathing caps, bath sheets or even bags to always have their personal belongings on them. .

A full line of sports swimwear for women

Our sports swimwear brand offers you a extensive collection of products. Shapes, colors, sizes, design, details: our various items have been designed to enhance the silhouette and provide great comfort. Plain or printed, top with straps or asymmetrical swimsuit, one piece or two pieces, red, black, white or blue, take your pick!