Collection: Asymmetrical Swimsuit

Are you looking for a pool swimsuit that allows you to practice swimming and makes you look good? the asymmetrical swimsuit from the Chlore Swimwear brand is ideal for elegant sporting moments.

Our collection of asymmetrical swimsuits

Our brand swimwear includes a collection of asymmetric models in different colors. These were designed and created for sporty women who want to highlight their femininity. Forget the bikinis and other too flashy swimsuits, and succumb to an asymmetrical one-shoulder swimsuit model perfectly adapted to your figure.

Bruay green or blue: a trendy asymmetrical swimsuit

Le asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit from the Bruay collection provides complete comfort and support. With its integrated bra, you can swim or lounge on the beach while being perfectly covered. Green or blue, this model is very trendy and has nothing to envy to fashion clothes. Depending on stock, this women's product is available for delivery or in store from size XS to size XL.

Asymmetric 1-piece swimsuit: Aqua model

The Aqua model is also part of the Bruay collection of asymmetrical swimsuits. This color is in perfect harmony with the logo printed in dark blue. This one remains more discreet with fine details. This asymmetrical swimsuit for women is the ideal ally for a pool session.

Elegance for the white asymmetrical swimsuit

Are you looking for a model of women's one-shoulder swimsuit with a touch of elegance ? Opt for our asymmetrical white model. This one is perfect for a relaxing break at the beach. The mix of colors (red, black and white) offers a very chic rendering. The bikini, the triangle and the 2-piece swimsuit with bandeau and briefs will not be able to compete with this model.

Our advice for choosing your asymmetrical swimsuit

Choosing from several swimsuit models can seem complicated. However, it suffices to know your morphology well to find out if a product is suitable for your figure or not. Once the asymmetrical swimsuit style has been found, you need to decide on the color. We advise you to make the best choice and create your ideal wishlist.

Morphology and asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit

If you have a very slender waist or generous curves, the asymmetrical swimsuit shape that flatters you the most will not be the same. For some women, bikinis are perfectly suited swimsuits, for others the 1-piece will have a covering power to hide persistent complexes. the asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit plays on materials, colors and cutouts. It highlights feminine curves while enhancing the silhouette.

Choose the right color for your asymmetrical swimsuit

If you fall for one of our asymmetrical swimsuit models, you will have to choose from the colors offered: aqua, blue, green or white. For discretion, we recommend the aqua model. If you want to attract attention with a chic style, go for the white color instead. Blue and green are sober and timeless.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, asymmetrical swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Le swimsuit designer offers models for women and men with perfectly studied cuts and elegant colors.

A range of asymmetrical swimsuits with a chic and sporty style

Whether the collection of swimsuits coverings or that of high waisted 2 piece shaping swimsuits, Chlore Swimwear produces models adapted to the needs of swimmers. Women can wear these 1 or 2 piece swimsuits to take full advantage of their swimming sessions. No pink or garish colors, the brand prefers to highlight men and women with sober and elegant colors : burgundy, black, white, blue and green.

Innovative materials for quality swimwear models

The designer's swimsuits are made with innovative technologies and materials (ecosenvitive, OEKO-TEX). The sizes of the models are perfectly adjusted for unparalleled performance. Other brand products are available to accompany your asymmetrical swimsuit during your pool sessions: sheet, pool bag, flippers, etc.

An after-sales service that listens to its customers

But the strength of Chlore swimwear is also its service client. During your purchase on our site, your personal data is recorded for better monitoring. To obtain information on the stock, the return policy or the delivery of your asymmetrical swimsuit, you can simply contact the sales department. Return for exchange or refund is accepted within 14 days of purchase. Know that your payment information is completely secure when shopping on our website.