Chlore undertakes:

  • Chlore is committed by selecting materials labeled Oeko Tex and Eco Sensitive at Eurojersey, a less polluting production process. This Italian house actively participates in cleaning up the oceans and supports WWF.
  • Chlore is committed by offering a line made of 73% recycled polyamide fiber.
  • Chlore is committed by refusing plastic packaging, by delivering its swimsuits in a waterproof and reusable pool bag.
  • Chlore is committed to manufacturing its swimsuits in countries near to France: Tunisia and Portugal, thus avoiding air transport.
  • Chlore is committed by refusing to pressurize the manufacturers, giving them the necessary time to manufacture these pretty swimsuits.
  • Chlore is committed by developing timeless and durable products: timeless in terms of style and resistance.
  • Chlore is committed to promoting sports and well-being by putting swimming in the limelight.