Collection: Men's Swimming Trunks

This collection of men's swimwear is made for you. For competition or simply for the love of water, take advantage of our sports and fashion products for men. Chlore swimwear for men are a must for swimming in the pool or sports club.

Our collection of swimwear for men

A men's swimsuit is not bought at random. Chlore has chosen to develop two unique models : a low waist swimsuit, brief type, and another boxer type swimsuit, also low waist. No jamming with us, only the perfection ofa retro and chic line, perfect for training and competition. For more information, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection of swimming pool swimwear and our sports swimwear.

Chlore's men's jersey: Ben

Of Brazilian inspiration, this low waist swimsuit has a contrasting band that gives it its sporty look. The cut of the jersey is perfect and adjustable to the millimeter thanks to an interior cord. Competitive swimmers looking for a fashionable product designed in a performance material will find the perfect garment here. The front of the jersey is lined for more comfort.

Chlore men's swim boxers: Jocelyn

here is our low rise boxer shorts. Almost straight out of a 1970s James Bond, this fashionable swimsuit features a stripe down the side different color belt. The athletic Chlore logo is printed in tone on tone. Intensive or regular swimmers who like the chic and refined retro style will be delighted. Like its colleague Ben (the slip), the front of this boxer is fully lined.

Our advice for choosing your original Chlore men's swimsuit

Variety of colors and styles, our swimsuits are available in all sizes and they have everything to seduce you. But then, which one to choose ? A few tips to make sure you make the right choice among our swimming swimsuits.

Choose the perfect color for your Chlorine swimming men's swimsuit

With Jocelyn swimming shorts, you have the choice of colors and combinations : swimming pool blue and white, gray and Swim Blue, red and white (love at first sight!) or swimming pool blue and black. Regarding Ben low-rise briefs, it will be black with royal blue on the side: an assumed retro boy style!

Find the size of your swimming trunks for men

Swimming men's swimsuit is usually available in stock from size XS to size XL. Choose the swimsuit according to your usual underwear size. For maximum comfort and elegance, you have to find the right balance: neither too small nor too big! If you have any doubts, our size chart is there to guide you.

Chlore Swimwear, swimwear for men designed for demanding swimmers!

Chlore Swimwear is a 100% French swimwear brand which has the ambition to provide boys and girls, women and men, the best of luxury and sport. This covenant is the DNA of our company. But going from the podium to the swimming pool is not done at any price. At Chlore, we also aim to respect for your health and that of the environment.

Chlore's eco-responsible commitment, more than a detail

The swimmer spends a significant amount of time in the water. He should feel good and confident. Particularly resistant, our men's swimming trunks are designed from a unique double-sided material which meets the requirements of label Sensitivecosystem. This label guarantees that manufacturing is carried out with respect for the environment. And the delivery? Without any plastic packaging! Your swimming men's swimsuit is supplied in a reusable waterproof pond bag.

Add Chlorine accessories to your list!

Le swimming trunks for men is the main element of your equipment. However, we should not forget the hat, the nose clip or the glasses. Some of these accessories have not been left out. Chlore Swimwear has developed an innovative neoprene swimming cap who will take care of your hair. But the most beautiful is undoubtedly le sweat Hoodie FRANCK deep blue ou black for example. Our trendy and so comfortable terrycloth pieces make all the difference when entering and leaving the pool.

Order your men's swimsuit from Chlore now

Chlore Swimwear is definitely the best pool swimwear brand French. A unique fabric to go from the podium to the pool. Short, an ideal gift for boy or girl, woman or man. A superior luxury to traditional brands which is well worth the price difference. Refer to our customer reviews. Choosing a Chlore swimming trunks for men means opting for love of detail and concern for the perfect gesture.