Collection: Flat Belly Shaping Swimsuit

You are looking for a flat stomach swimsuit that will highlight your assets while smoothing your curves. Discover the sheathing range designed by Chlore Swimwear! the flat stomach shaping swimsuit is a piece that combines performance and aesthetics. Guaranteed "wow" effect!

Our collection of flat stomach shaping swimsuits

Our collection of flat stomach shaping swimsuits aims to d'refine your figure and beautify yourself. You will regain your self-confidence and thus enjoy the pleasures of the swimming pool or the beach even more. The flat stomach shaping swimsuit is composed of a high quality double sided material. It is a real slimming and sculpting accessory! The flat stomach effect is created naturally.

Opt for a one-piece flat-tummy shaping swimsuit!

The Chlore Swimwear store offers several 1 piece shaping swimsuits. You can opt for a covering model if you are a little modest. If your chest is one of your assets, the asymmetrical model is an excellent option. The sheathing lining at the waist sculpts your body. It also provides good support and shapes the bust. Thus, you can rhyme swimsuit with harmonious silhouette. Even in the water you are one classy and elegant woman.

Add a 2-piece flat stomach shaping swimsuit to your list!

A woman does not have to limit herself to buying a 1-piece swimsuit. For the creators of Chlore Swimwear, it is unthinkable that she refuses anything. That's why they imagined a high waist panties, perfect for getting a flat stomach effect. The Deauville model is available in several colors. You canmatch the asymmetric bra Joséphine which ensures a good support of the chest. Its cut frees the shoulders and highlights your back. The bra associated with the high-waisted panties and the Clyde belt sublimate your body while displaying a vintage look. This 2-piece shaping swimsuit allie fashion and performance.

Our advice for choosing your flat stomach shaping swimsuit

Le choosing a swimsuit should be well thought out. All the details are important. The sculpting and slimming effect of a flat stomach shaping swimsuit is essential. However, comfort should not be overlooked. On the beach or at the swimming pool, you must have the feeling of being a beautiful woman, sure of her charm.

Determine the correct size for your flat stomach shaping swimsuit

The flat stomach shaping swimsuit is available from size XS to size XL. For a optimum result, it is very important to define the size you need. Indeed, if the shaping swimsuit is too large, the support will not be correct and the expected effect will not be achieved. On the contrary, if the jersey is too small, it will not be comfortable. To determine your size, refer to the size of your clothes and let yourself be guided by size chart present on the Chlore Swimwear store.

Adopt a chic and harmonious style with a flat-tummy shaping swimsuit!

Whether you choose a 1-piece or 2-piece flat stomach shaping swimsuit, you should feel beautiful on the beach and in the water. You can combine a flat stomach effect with a pretty neckline. Playing with colors is also an interesting option. For a slimming effect, the black is always recommended.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, flat stomach shaping swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Chlore Swimwear, French swimwear brand, aims to make women beautiful around swimming pools. The flat belly shaping swimsuits are designed from innovative materials providing a sculpting effect. However, Chlore Swimwear protects nature by creating products with materials that respect the environment.

A high-performance flat-tummy shaping swimsuit

The creators of Chlore are committed to offering performance swimwear, durable over time, with chlorine resistance. However, they adhere to label Sensitivecosystem and thus prove their commitment to the protection of the environment. Each piece is delivered in a reusable bag.

A shaping swimsuit with an aesthetic flat stomach effect

Elegance has not been forgotten during the design of each model. Each Chlore Swimwear flat stomach shaping swimsuit combines the refinement and performance. It is indeed a real luxury and fashion piece. Despite everything, it must be within reach of every woman. This is why its price is relatively reasonable and delivery is free from 90 € of purchase.