Collection: Asymmetrical One-Piece Swimsuit

Looking for a one-piece swimsuit which adapts to your silhouette? Discover our range of asymmetrical swimsuits. the women's asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit follows the lines of the body. Designed by Chlore Swimwear, it combines fashion with the most efficient technologies and the latest generation materials. This asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit model is available in several colors.

Our collection of asymmetric non-wired one-piece swimsuits

Each piece of the line asymmetric swimsuits is thought for you and your curves, fine or generous. Without reinforcements, the single shoulder strap gives you unique freedom of movement defying any comparison with a triangle, a knot, a crossed headband or even two straps. In this shirt, your waist is sculpted from the belt, without ribbed effect. Your neckline is properly maintained, even if the jersey is indented. You can forget the bikini: to feel comfortable in her one-piece women's swimsuit is now a matter of course.

Opt for the white one-piece swimsuit

Do you have tanned or dark skin? Opt for this lovely white swimsuit a piece. The brand logo, printed in red and black, stands out perfectly on this model. Get out of pink and multicolored: choose chic fashion. Look at our size chart to find out if your size is available.

Put the Aqua women's one-piece swimsuit on your wishlist

The women's one-piece Aqua color swimsuit will help you stand out from the crowd. It is especially suitable for fair-skinned women. The logo printed in black goes perfectly with this color to a neo-chic and sexy effect. Check quickly to find out if this model is still in stock.

The blue asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit: a classic

Here is a piece that reconnects with the classics. A deep and elegant blue, which adapts to almost all skin types and can be found everywhere: from shoes to evening dresses. It's also the light blue and black print of the logo that gives all its character to this iconic swimsuit.

Go green with this women's one-piece non-wired swimsuit

It's a real love for this ultra-trendy and sexy green ! Whether you have an athletic body or generous curves, this one-piece swimsuit suits you and offers you maximum freedom. Gone are the leopard bikinis with a plunging neckline and ruffled dresses, women's fashion is in sobriety. Take a quick look at our delivery options.

Our advice for choosing your asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit for women

Choosing between a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece swimsuit is not always easy. A bikini or two-piece swimsuit is more suitable for flat bellies. The 1-piece swimsuit is often more sheathing. However, do not hesitate to take a look at the side of the high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit or 2-piece shaping swimsuit. Select the ideal design for your one-piece swimsuit.

The style of your women's one-piece swimsuit

With an asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit, you assert your elegance. More than just sportswear, the asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit is a fashion item which sharpens your body and releases your energy in the water. This athletic cut, enhanced by the logo print, guarantees you a chic, sexy and sporty look.

A round woman or thin woman swimsuit

Whatever your size, you will find the one-piece swimsuit that suits you. The asymmetrical swimsuit adapts to generous shapes as well as a thin waistband, a plunging neckline as well as smaller breasts. Consult the size chart to make sure you make the right choice at the time of your purchase: most of our products are available from XS to XL.

Chlore Swimwear, asymmetrical one-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

The asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit will allow you to make the most of swimming sessions, such as moments of relaxation on the beach. With his perfect design for competition and its resistant and eco-responsible materials, the asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit Chlore has it all.

A women's one-piece swimsuit with an asymmetrical bra: an innovative swimsuit

The asymmetrical bra supports you thanks to its sheathing and comfortable material. No need for underwiring or complicated straps. Ultra-smooth, this one-piece swimsuit provides you with optimal friction reduction with water. Solid and resistant, it withstands every workout.

An eco-responsible women's one-piece swimsuit at a reasonable price

Your women's swimsuit is not a disposable object but a timeless and resistant piece of fashion. It is sold in a waterproof pond bag reusable, rather than in plastic packaging. It is also made of materials whose production is certified low-polluting. This swimsuit for women is made from 73% recycled fabric in fibre polyamide, for generous women who want to be up to date in terms of fashion, performance and ecology.

An asymmetrical women's one-piece swimsuit made for you

Chlorine, French swimwear brand, offers the delivery from 90€ of purchase. Check that the product of this collection is in stock and that you have chosen the correct size. Dive with Chlorine and choose the unique combination of a high-performance and trendy design.