Collection: 1 Piece Swimsuit Swimming

Support, elegance and comfort : a swimsuit must meet several criteria in order to offer a optimal swimming experience. Our collection of 1 piece swimwear meet all these criteria.
Chlore Swimwear, specialist in high-end swimsuit, offers you exceptional products to make swimming a privileged moment in your day. buy sound swimming pool swimsuit for women with us, it means choosing refinement and exception.

Our collection of one-piece swimsuits

simple lines, chic and modern details and exceptional support: with our one-piece swimsuits, you will not go unnoticed.
Aimed at all women, each one-piece swimsuit is available in all sizes and will enhance your body. Because the swimming pool is as much a place for sport as it is for leisure, we want our swimsuits accentuate the pleasure that swimming gives you.

Saint Georges reversible one-piece swimsuit with elastic straps

Discover for example our Saint Georges one piece swimsuit. Tendency With its double-crossed straps and black graphic detail on the hip, this one-piece swimsuit will give you a optimal support. Adapt your Saint Georges swimsuit according to your desires: available in many colors, this 1 piece swimming swimsuit is also reversible.

Bruay asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit

Who said swimming couldn't be fancy? Dare itoriginality with the Bruay 1-piece swimsuit.
Asymmetrical, this swimsuit also offers the emblematic graphic details of Chlore Swimwear. Although atypical, this one-piece swimsuit remains elegant with her bare back and her sporty lines.

The 1-piece swimsuit covering Max

Le swimsuit covering Max offers you all refinement a one-piece swimsuit. Simple and chic, its colorful details flatter the hips and will enhance your body.
The classic lines are contrasted by the bare back, for a understated elegance. Available in black, gray or blue, this one-piece swimsuit is a must-have if you want combine sport and style.

Molitor surf-style one-piece swimsuit

Between the jumpsuit and the jersey, the Molitor one-piece swimsuit surprises with its zipper. In the spirit of surf clothing, this one-piece swimsuit offers a style that is both chic and relaxed.

Roubaix one-piece swimsuit

The material of Roubaix one-piece swimsuit has been designed to elegantly follow the curves of your body and bring you a optimal support.
Chic With its straps crossed at the back, the Roubaix one-piece swimsuit is ideal for intensive swimming.

The Tony one-piece swimsuit

A woman shouldn't have to choose between sportswear and smart clothes. Even at the swimming pool it is possible to reconcile the two. In any case, this is what the Tony one piece swimsuit.
Practical with its zipped closure on the back and offering a exceptional support, this swimsuit remains chic with its flattering lines and the graphic detail of the Chlore Swimwear logo.

Villa Cavrois one-piece swimsuit with a low back

With his discreet indentation and its V back neckline, this swimsuit is the height of elegance.
By the pool or by the sea, the Villa Cavrois one-piece swimsuit will bring you comfort and style in any circumstance.

Our advice for choosing your one-piece swimming swimsuit

For a woman, choosing the right swimsuit can be complex. Instead 2-piece swimming swimsuit or one-piece bathing suit?
Swimwear comes in an extensive catalog of products in which it can be difficult to find oneself. Here's how to make your choice.

Choose a one-piece swimsuit that suits your style

Choose the right one 1 piece swimsuit for the pool first of all, choose a swimsuit that matches your style.
And wide range of colors is available in our catalog. These many models of women's swimsuits allow you to choose the perfect swimsuit to match it with your swim caps and pool accessories.
And whether you practice swimming as a competitive sport or as a simple leisure activity, you will find at Chlore Swimwear a 1-piece swimming swimsuit in harmony with your swimming practice.

Choose your 1-piece swimsuit according to your size and your morphology

Because we care about sublimate the body of all women, you will find at Chlore Swimwear a swimsuit for all sizes.
For a round or small figure, a women's swimming swimsuit 2 pieces high-waisted will be ideal. Conversely, a one-piece swimsuit with an open back will sublimate slim and slender women.
You will find all the information concerning the size of our swimsuits on our website.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, one-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Buy your women 1 piece swimming swimsuit at Chlore Swimwear is to choose a product designed in a top quality material, offering an avant-garde style with particular attention to detail.
Accessories, bathing caps and swimsuits: we leave nothing to chance and offer you the best in the world of swimming.

Innovation at the heart of the Chlore Swimwear philosophy

More than offering top-of-the-range pool suits and accessories, your swimsuit designer strives toimagine the future of swimming.
Investing in research, we imagine products whose material and design push the limits of what currently exists.

Our swimming swimsuits are the perfect combination of technique and refinement

For both men and women, all our swimwear and pool accessories provide comfort and elegance, allowing you to fully enjoy your swim training.
Suitable for both recreational swimming and competitive sport, our products are versatile with worked lines combining performance and style.
Chlore Swimwear has made it its mission to offer exceptional swimwear at the right price. Take advantage: from 90 €, the delivery of our swimming products is free !