Collection: Women's 2-Piece Swimsuit

Are you looking for a women's 2-piece swimsuit for your beach and swimming activities? You want a design and resistant pool swimsuit with chlorine. the 2-piece swimming swimsuit is designed from high-performance materials and offers you total freedom of swimming. The fashion aspect has not been put aside by the creators of these luxury pieces. Indeed, our goal is for all women to feel sublime in the water. Discover the different pieces of our collection!

Our collection of women's 2-piece swimsuits

Chlore swimwear offers you a women's swimming swimsuit 2 pieces which highlights women's shapes while being resistant and comfortable. The cutting of the super trendy bra makes it a real fashion piece! This bra associated with the high or low waist shorty constitute a 2-piece sports swimsuit perfect for your pool swimming activities. Our women's 2-piece swimsuits are available in various colors: pool blue, swim blue, black and burgundy.

The asymmetrical bra, the perfect top for your women's 2-piece swimming swimsuit

The asymmetrical shape of the Joséphine model free your shoulders. Thus, your swimming movements are free during training or competition. The integrated bra ensures good support and your back is sublimated thanks to this original cutout. This product combines performance and comfort. The tone-on-tone logo is very discreet.

High-waisted or low-waisted shorty, the ideal bottom for composing a modern 2-piece women's swimming swimsuit

Le shorty is available in low waist (Baker model) and high waist (Deauville model). The cut of these women's swimsuit bottoms is low. The logo is also tone on tone to ensure a sober and chic effect. The product tall associated with the Clyde belt is perfect for naturally hiding a small belly. So you feel beautiful in the water and you can fully enjoy the pleasures of swimming.

Accessories to match your women's 2-piece swimming swimsuit

For the athletic women looking for style and protection, some accessories are available in the shop. Indeed, several clothing such as bathrobe or poncho are practical for covering up after training or competition. These products are made of ultra-soft sponge for maximum absorption. And so that your hair no longer suffers from the effects of chlorine, opt for the hydrating and innovative swimming cap. It will take care of your hair during your swimming activities.

Our advice for choosing your 2-piece women's swimming swimsuit

The choice of your 2-piece women's swimming swimsuit must be made in according to your needs and desires. All the details are important. You need to be confident in your pool activities. Here are some tips to follow to determine your ideal swimming swimsuit.

Choose the right size for your women's 2-piece swimming swimsuit

Women's swimsuits are in stock from size XS to size XL. To determine the ideal size for each piece of your women's 2-piece swimsuit, your clothes are a great reference. Le size guide available on the store is, also, a valuable ally. These tips are also to follow if you want to add to your list a 1 piece swimming swimsuit.

Opt for a chic and sporty style with our women's 2-piece swimsuits

The choice of size is a practical element. The color determines the style of your women's 2-piece swimsuit. For a sober and chic style, black is always the right color. However, for a more original look, you can choose a pool blue, swim blue or burgundy swimsuit. And for more fantasies, why not opt for a piece in black and another piece in swim blue. To bring all your equipment for training or competition, a ultra trendy neoprene bag is available in the Chlore Swimwear store.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, women's 2-piece swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

The creators of the pool swimwear brand Chlore Swimwear aim to meet the needs of swimmers. For it, they paid attention to all the details (cuts, style, colors, materials, comfort) to create a collection of swimsuits combining elegance and performance. Each women's 2-piece swimsuit is a real piece of luxury and fashion!

A chic and durable women's 2-piece swimsuit

Swimming swimsuits are designed from a double-sided material. Le women swimming swimsuit adapts to your silhouette and ensures good support. However, the creators did not wish to set elegance aside. They had the will to reconciling fashion with the demands of a water sport. Women's swimming swimsuits are comparable to haute couture clothing. Despite everything, these products remain accessible to all women with their reasonable price and free delivery from 90 € of purchase.

An eco-friendly women's 2-piece swimming swimsuit

Each Chlore Swimwear women's 2-piece swimsuit is designed with innovative materials compliant with the "Sensitivecosystem" label. Thus, the products are not harmful to the environment. To go further in the protection of the oceans, the delivery of swimming trunks does not take place in plastic packaging. The delivery of these beautiful pieces is made in a waterproof and reusable bag.