When we talk about our inspirations, it would be difficult to miss a jewel of our region, the Villa  Cavrois, emblematic work of the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, built in 1929 for Paul Cavrois, textile industrialist and owner of the Cavrois-Mahieu company which produced high-end fabrics for Parisian houses.
Our region was at the time the epicenter of textile production in Europe, which earned Roubaix the name of
“city of a thousand chimneys”.



the 27 meter long swimming pool, sign of the modernity of the property. It responds to the concern for hygiene, health and sport that characterizes the program of the Villa: "air, light, work, sports, hygiene, comfort and economy" 











Stripping of volumes, lack of ornament in the decor, state-of-the-art equipment (central heating, telephony, electric clock, elevator, etc.) use of industrial materials and techniques (glass, metal, steel). The Villa Cavrois remains an international reference in the history of architecture 










The assumed polychromy of the walls of the young man's room, a tribute to the Dutch modern art of the De Stijl movement  is a real source of inspiration.



If you are passing through our region. We invite you to visit this emblematic Robert Mallet-Stevens work