Collection: High Waist 2 Piece Swimsuit

Le tall is trending. Because it sublimates the silhouette and offers a vintage effect to an outfit, high-waisted shorts and pants have once again become a fashion must-have.
And this trend also applies to swimwear! the 2-piece shaping swimsuit high-waisted will indeed allow you to be at the forefront of style. Suitable for all women, this swimsuit combines sport and elegance highlighting the natural curves of your body.

Our collection of high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuits

When we think of Swimsuit 2 pieces, we often think of the bikini which had established itself as the fashion standard of the last decade. However, if the triangle panty highlights the body of a slender young woman, it is not adapted to the silhouette of all women.
In recent years, the high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit is making a comeback. Wishing to satisfy all women, Chlore swimwear surfs on this trend and offers you its high waist swimwear collection. Fairly priced and for all sizes, our collection is designed to make you feel confident during your swim training.

Enhance your silhouette with the Deauville high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit

Le Deauville high-waisted swimsuit delicately marks the hips to flatter the silhouette. Its elasticity and its composition allow it tofit your curves perfectly for exceptional support and comfort.
With the Deauville high-waisted swimsuit, dare the retro look and highlight your body. Available in black, red or blue, it will suit a woman regardless of her morphology.

Match your high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit with the Joséphine swimming bra

For a perfect sheathing two-piece look, complete your Deauville high-waisted swimsuit with a Josephine bralette of the same color.
resolutely modern With its single strap, this bra will create a contrast with the retro style of your jersey.

The Clyde swimming belt to perfect the look of your high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit

The Clyde metallic buckle belt will further emphasize your waist in order to sublimate your silhouette, and will bring a very chic fancy touch to your high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit.
If you own a 1-piece shaping swimsuit, this belt will also reduce the volume of your belly and refine your silhouette. The Clyde belt is a pool essential that you will find difficult to do without!

Our advice for choosing your high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit

Cover up swimsuit or bikini, one-piece or two-piece, with or without straps: a extensive catalog of swimming products is available, and it can be difficult to choose.
When choosing a high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit, here are some criteria to take into account to choose the product that's right for you.

Choosing the right size for your high-waisted 2-piece shapewear swimsuit

Unlike triangle briefs, the high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit can enhance all women. Therefore, whatever your figure, you can opt for this type of swimsuit... provided you choose the right size !
Indeed, whether for style or support, it is essential to choose a swimsuit in your size. To make the right choice, a size guide is available on all our product pages. You will find the information you need to choose a size of high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit adapted to your body.

Opt for a high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit that matches your look

Swimsuits are not only functional. A woman has the right to feel beautiful at all times: at the pool or at the beach, elegance has its place.
That's why you'll find a wide variety of swimwear in our collection. From red to white to pink, choose your favorite color.
Likewise, as each woman has a different body, we have imagined all kinds of cuts to flatter each figure. From asymmetrical 2-piece swimsuits to shaping one-piece swimsuits, you are bound to find a swimsuit adapted to your look and your morphology.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Chlorine swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand wishing to revolutionize the way we imagine swimming.
eager tobring elegance to pools, we imagined our swimsuits in order to combine fashion and sport and make any woman feel beautiful at the beach or at the pool.

An avant-garde vision of the high-waisted 2-piece shaping swimsuit

A wide catalog of swimwear is already available on the market. Our ambition is not to offer products that will drown in the mass, but toimagine the future of swimwear and swimming accessories.
As such, we constantly invest in research in order to surprise you. Our bonnet Underwaterlove, the first bathing cap that also offered hair care, is the symbol of this.

Swimsuits designed with the highest standards

From bikinis to one-piece swimsuits, each product we offer is designed with all the attention that top of the range demands.
Each material, each seam and each curve of our swimsuits is the result of a long reflection. At fair price, we offer swimsuits and swimming accessories from high quality, efficient and durable, and to refined and contemporary lines.