Collection: Swimming Pool 1 Piece Swimsuit

Looking for a 1 piece pool swimsuit efficient and elegant at the same time? Chlore Swimwear invites you to discover French quality and refinement. Our swimwear line for women is distinguished by technical materials and a retro and chic spirit. The 1-piece swimsuits in our range are aimed at women who wish to practice swimming in the best conditions.

Our collection of one-piece swimsuits for the pool

The Chlore Swimwear brand offers women products of the highest quality, for maximum comfort in the water. Our women 1 piece swimming swimsuit is designed in a high-performance technical material. Asymmetrical or with straps, our 1-piece pool swimsuit is available in several variations.

Our flagship product: the Bruay asymmetric one-piece pool swimsuit

The asymmetrical top is a true Chlore Swimwear signature. It is therefore also available on the line of one-piece swimsuits. the Bruay model has a single strap, for a greater freedom of movement in the water and a unique style. With its integrated bra, the support is perfect, even for the largest cup sizes. Leisure or sport, beach or swimming pool, the material provides the greatest comfort.

Our 1-piece pool swimsuit covering Max

Some women are looking for a 1-piece shaping swimsuit and covering. The Max Black, Max Blue and Max Gray models are available to meet their expectations. Made in a resistant and comfortable material, this 1 piece swimming swimsuit ensures a perfect fit for all sizes.

Our Villa Cavrois V Back 1-piece pool swimsuit

The model of V Back 1 piece pool swimsuit features an elegant low back. Among all our available products, this line is the one with the most style, without forgetting the technical nature of the material. The use of this 1-piece swimsuit is ideal both at the beach and at the pool, for leisure or for competition. Villa Cavrois is a swimsuit for women available in red, navy blue, green or black.

Our advice for choosing your one-piece pool swimsuit

If you absolutely want a sports swimsuit that is as technical as it is trendy, Chlore Swimwear has many models available to meet your desires. But among all the products, how choose the right swimsuit 1 swimming piece?

Sizes of the Chlore Swimwear 1-piece pool swimsuit

All the 1 piece pool swimsuits Chlore Swimwear are available in size XS, size S, size M, size L and size XL. These sizes thus adapt to the morphologies of all women. You can rely on your usual clothing size to select your sports swimsuit size.

Details of the Chlore Swimwear 1-piece pool swimsuit

Choose the right size is important to be comfortable in your one-piece pool swimsuit. But feeling beautiful is also essential! And it goes through the refined details of the swimsuit. V-back neckline, two-tone swimsuit, asymmetrical top, zip at the front, crossed back: many details personalize our one-piece models. These are then available in different colors and can be completed with the various Chlore Swimwear accessories.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, one-piece pool swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Chlore Swimwear associates technology and design to create high-performance swimwear with a unique style. We recognize the brand's products by their retro look and their sober shape. They are always embellished with elegant details that make the difference.

A one-piece pool swimsuit for fashionable women

For us, women don't have to choose between fashion and comfort. With Chlore Swimwear one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, they can practice their favorite sport while staying at the forefront of the underwater trend.

A one-piece pool swimsuit for women looking for quality

Chlore Swimwear one-piece pool swimsuits are made in chlorine resistant material. Your model thus accompanies you over the long term, without you having to change your swimsuit every year.

Pool swimwear available for men at Chlore Swimwear

For your competition partner, Chlore Swimwear also offers swimwear for men. Like the models for women, these swimsuits are recognizable by their distinguished details and their innovative material.

Accessories, clothing and bags for leisure or competition

We also offer other products to match your 1-piece pool swimsuit to accompany you in the water and when leaving the pool:

  • Our terry clothes;
  • Our bags in neoprene material;
  • Our bath towels;
  • Our bathing caps.
The sports swimwear brand Chlore Swimwear will become your ideal partner, at the beach or at the swimming pool, for a swimming practice in the best conditions.