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Do you practice artistic swimming, formerly called synchronized swimming? So you need a swimsuit that putsenhance your athletic figurewhile ensuring completefreedom of movement. You spend long hours in the pool training. It is therefore necessary that your artistic swimming swimsuit begreat quality. Chlore Swimwear has created a collection includingartistic swimming swimwearwhich will perfectly meet your needs.

Our collection of artistic swimming swimsuits

Whether in competition or during training, the swimmers of a synchronized swimming club perform a ballet in perfect synchrony. The compulsory figures are numerous and must be well coordinated. Therelightness of the swimsuitArtistic swimming is therefore a necessity, without which the movements are more difficult to perform. THEcomfort and performance are important. However, you do not havedon't want to give up elegance. The Chlore Swimwear collection includes swimsuits that will satisfy you. It's up to you to choose according to your desires!

Opt for a 1-piece artistic swimming swimsuit

You have at your disposal several models ofwomen's sports swimwearwhich come in various colors.

The roomBRUAY asymmetric ultra trendywith its integrated bra ensures good support while facilitating freedom of movement.

The roomMAXsuitable for swimmers who wishfeel covered. However, the model is ultra comfortable and easy to put on. Elegance has not been put aside with the wide neckline at the back.

The roomMOLITORwith hissurf spiritand its zip for easy donning offers a sporty and chic style.

The roomROUBAIXis a productunavoidablefrom the collection. Its crossed straps at the back give you good support while ensuring the ease you need for swimming.

The roomSAINT GEORGEwith its straps crossed in the back frees the shoulders and back. It's hereperfect fitfor swimmers practicingswimming intensively.

The roomTOURCOINGmay also be suitable forsynchronized swimmingwith its integrated bra and its double crossed straps at the back. The support necessary for the practice of this sport is perfectly assured.

Choose a 2-piece artistic swimming swimsuit

For fans of 2-piece swimsuits, the Chlore Swimwear boutique offers a collection of2 piece swimming swimwearsuitable for the practice of sport. ThereJOSEPHINE brawith its asymmetrical cut frees the shoulders. It offers, despite everything, agood support. Perfect for swimming! You can associate it withlow waist shorty BAKER. If you want to hide your belly, thehigh waist shorty DEAUVILLEwill be perfect. This set willhighlight your beautiful figure.

Add accessories to your list in addition to your artistic swimming swimsuit!

THEswimsuitis thekey elementof a synchronized swimming team. However, for the comfort of swimmers, certain accessories are essential such as the nose clip or the swimming cap. Moreover, Chlore Swimwear offers atotally innovative swimming cap. It is made of neoprene and provides care to protect swimmers' hair. You will also find accessories in the store to match your artistic swimming swimsuit. These pieces are made of very soft sponge (poncho, bathrobe, towel).

Our advice for choosing your artistic swimming swimsuit

The choice of swimsuit must be made rigorously. You have to pay attention to all the details to get atotal satisfaction with the chosen model. Indeed, it must adapt perfectly to your body and allow you to swim freely.

The size of your artistic swimming swimsuit

Your artistic swimming swimsuit must be at thegood size. He mustperfectly sculpts your bodyand gives you asecond skin feeling. To do this, you can refer to the size of your clothes. THEsize guideis also avaluable helpto help you choose. Products from the Chlore Swimwear collection are available from size XS to size XL.

The style of your artistic swimming swimsuit

The Chlore Swimwear collection was created forsatisfy all swimmers. It's up to you to choose the style that suits you! Aartistic swimming swimsuit 1 piece or 2 pieces? An asymmetrical or more covering shape? As for color, swimmers who prefer asober colorcan opt for black. However, for those who want a little fantasy, other colors are available such as green, blue or burgundy.

CHLORE SWIMWEAR, artistic swimming swimsuits designed for demanding swimmers!

Synchronized swimming is a sport that requires flexibility and elegance. Swimmers need an artistic swimming swimsuit whose material promotes freedom of movement. Chlorine Swimwear,women's swimsuit brandhas great ambitions and its creators are keen to work on both technique and style. THEartistic swimming swimwearareluxury products, perfect for practicing synchronized swimming.

An aesthetic artistic swimming swimsuit

THEswimsuitChlore Swimwear is more than just a sports product. Indeed, with itsperfect design, it's areal fashion piece. There is no longer a need to choose between aesthetics and performance. Need to give a gift? There are many choices among thesynchronized swimming swimwear.

A durable and eco-responsible artistic swimming swimsuit

Synchronized swimming requires regular training. The time spent in the water is significant. The swimming swimsuits are made with ainnovative material, double-sided, which adapts perfectly to your body. Chlore Swimwear products adhere to the“Sensitivecosystem” labelin order to be completely respectful of the environment. Your artistic swimming swimsuit is delivered with a reusable bag.